5 Cool Things You Didn't Know About Your Tesla Model 3

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

A little over a week ago Dolores (My Tesla Model 3) arrived! Obviously, named after Dolores from Westworld. Tesla is not just a car company - they are a software and hardware company. The cars are smart and I'm enjoying the adventure of figuring out all it can do. Here are 5 things that I've discovered about my Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 Emissions

Emissions Testing Mode

You are probably thinking about the gas that cars use when looking at this feature, but Tesla is talking about a different type of emissions - one that comes out of your body. It's a virtual Whoopie Cushion! You can control what "seat" it is on and that will decide what speakers the farting sound comes out of. You can set it to happen randomly or any time that you put your blinkers on. Going on a road trip with some buds? Wait til everyone is in the car and when you hit your first blinker the fart sound goes off!

Voice Control Glove Box

Tesla's voice control is pretty slick. Over the first few days I was seeing what I can control with it. I said "open glove box" and 2 seconds later the glove box opened. It doesn't close on voice command though, that is a more manual process. You can do many other things like directions, calls, and climate control.

Tesla Romance Mode

Romance Mode

You can easily access this from your 'Toy Box' Menu. Turning on Romance Mode is very humorous. It turns the display to a fire and pairs that up with some romantic Marvin Gaye. It also turns on climate control heat to produce the effects of a fire.

Tesla Rainbow Charge port light show

Rainbow Chargeport Lightshow

Charging is pretty boring but there is a lot to do in your Tesla to pass the time. I usually watch some Hulu Live, play a game, or get caught up on work. But this easter egg makes it a little more interesting! While your Tesla is plugged in, push the charge port control button on the charger handle 10 times quickly. It will start to cycle through all the colors of the rainbow!

Tesla Arcade Mode


Tesla offers a variety of games for you to play (while the car is in park). My favorite is the racing game because you can actually use the gas pedal and steering wheels. If you have a passenger you can do a 2-player mode and there are controls on the screen for them. It's just like Mario Kart, except you are racing Tesla's!

Many of these "Easter Eggs' are a product of a stupid tweet someone sends to Elon Musk. A consumer joking about a feature they wish they had in their Tesla. If you can think of something funny to add, try tweeting out Elon and who knows, maybe it will be in the next software update.

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