Easily make money selling old clothes online with Mercari

make money selling clothes on Mercari

Side hustles and multiple revenue sources are a big part of the work life integration lifestyle. An easy way to make some money on the side is as simple as cleaning out your closet. I've always found selling used clothes very difficult. You could take a load of old clothes to Plato's Closet or another thrift store, but you would get pennies for it and they would only accept newer clothes and brand names. Alternatively, I haven't had much luck selling on sites like Poshmark or ThreadUP. Then I stumbled across a Facebook ad for Mercari. I was hesitant at first but the sign up was super simple and they gave me a bonus credit on my account for signing up.

Selling on Mercari

You can pretty much sell anything on Mercari. A good starting point is doing a little 'spring cleaning' in your closet to get rid of old clothes. I easily found items in my closet that I hadn't worn in years and knowing I'd get money for selling them gave me even more motivation to part ways with these items.

Listing an item is very intuitive and you can list it in just a few minutes or less. I learned quickly that the pictures and description were a big part of it. Make sure to take good pictures and the more the better. They don't have to be professional like in a catalog, but make sure the buyer can see the item and it looks like it is in good condition. Make the first picture the best shot of the item. Make sure the title is catchy, but also describes the item quickly, then go into more detail in the description. Also utilize the three hashtags with brands, styles, or popular keywords. For example if I list a Nike Running Dri-Fit Shirt, I might use the hashtags #Nike #NikeRunning #NikeDriFit

Price is another big factor. One of my favorite features of Mercari is that when you list an item, if similar items have been sold before, they will show you what they sell for and give you a range. This helps set a realistic and fair price.

Pro tips to sell items fast on Mercari

The paragraph above gives some great ideas for getting started, but after selling for a while I've found these pro tips most helpful to sell items fast on Mercari. In addition to great pictures and descriptions, it really comes do to price. I recommend starting with a higher price that what Mercari recommends. You can always lower it, but I've been surprised at what things will sell for. If it doesn't sell in a couple days you can promote the item, which discounts the price. Buyers love to get a deal! You can promote it to everyone and you can promote it to people that like your item. Both are fine options, but if you promote it to likers, they've already shown interest in your item so the conversion rate will be higher.

Include shipping in the price. You can tack this on to the price of the item, but items with 'Free Shipping' sell 5X faster. Think about your own buying experience. If you see an item for $15 and you get excited to buy, but then it charges another $5 for shipping, you may back out. If that same item is $20 plus free shipping, it is easier to buy. Including shipping is one less barrier on the buyer. Just make sure you don't undercut yourself on the shipping weight estimate, or you will lose money. For reference I just shipped out a Nike Polo and it weighed in at 7.5 oz. I also shipped a North Face 1/4 Zip and that weighed in at .75 pounds.

Brand names get the most views and likes. It's not only clothes! Other household items like coffee makers and tech sell quick too!

mailing bags for selling on Mercari

How to ship an item on Mercari

You've sold your first item on Mercari - now what? I found shipping on Mercari to be somewhat complicated and their Shipping FAQ's were misleading. Also, their customer service wasn't much help. The shipping process is dependent on your shipping label, which is sent when listing the item. Always choose the cheapest option, but make sure that you calculate it accurately so you aren't paying out of pocket for shipping. You have the option of shipping it yourself, but if you're new I'd just do it through the app.

If you choose the prepaid label, Mercari will email you the label to print at home. Because they have a lot of people on the app shipping a ton of different items, they get preferred pricing, saving you about 30%. It is flat-fee shipping for all 50 states and the Mercari labels include Shipping Protection up to $200.

From where I am located, I have found USPS to be the best deal. Mercari also offers a 'Mercari Pack and Ship' option, but it's pretty expensive. For example the item I am listing right now is $4.60 through USPS, compared to $20 to ship through the UPS Mercari Pack and Ship option.

If it is USPS Priority Mail, you can use the free priority mail boxes available at the post office. Don't confuse these with the USPS Priority Express Boxes though. All of my items have shipped USPS First Class, which means you will need your own box or mailing envelope.

You can also buy at pack of 24 mailing envelopes at the post office, for $43.80, but you need to bring tape and drive all the way there. I would recommend buying some mailing bags in bulk off Amazon. They are cheap and super easy. Here is a link to the mailing bags that I used. Then you can print off the label and do everything yourself at home. You can also put it in a blue USPS mailbox instead of going to the post office. Just make sure it fits in the mailbox.

Get Started on Mercari Here is a free $30 to get started: https://merc.li/PwgzeXF4b

Just sign up for Mercari and start going through your closet. You can quickly find some clothes to sell on Mercari and be up and running in no time!

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