Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

A few weeks ago we posted some great ideas for Mother's Day. This time, we are focusing on gift ideas for Dad! Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 21, 2020 this year. Many of the gifts below are actual gifts that I got my own father recently and he's really enjoyed these Father's Day presents.

Father holding baby on Father's day

A New Coffee Maker

I recently read this great review of best the coffee machine to purchase and there are some great options in that post. I decided to go all out with the De'Longhi Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch. It looks professional, while still offering the easy-to-use push-buttons and Nespresso capsules. It can also make a variety of drinks including: ristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte, and hot milk or water. Whenever I'm over at my dad's house I can make a quick espresso in about 30 seconds.

New Headphones

My dad loves music - Neil Young is his favorite artist. He also likes to listen to movies on airplanes or on the couch, but doesn't want to distract/annoy my mom, so headphones are essential. I've looked at a bunch of headphones over the year and narrowed it down to these two: Apple AirPods Pro or the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. I have both and use them for different occasions. My AirPods are for every day use, working out, walking around the neighborhood listening to music. My Bose 700's are for airplanes and movie watching. Also, my dad doesn't like the headphones that don't wrap around your head because they fall out sometimes, so I'm going with the Bose for pops. I have a similar problem where headphones fall out of my ear if they are the in-ear type, but have not experienced that with my AirPods.

Tommy Bahama Hawaiian Shirt

You may thing this Tommy Bahama Flora Breeze Way Silk Camp Shirt is ugly, but my dad does not! He loves his short sleeve button down shirts in the summer time, especially Tommy Bahama. Tommy Bahama's usually run $100+, but there are some similar brands that are little less expensive like, this Michael Kors Hawaiian shirt for less than $20.

A New Grill

Father's day always correlates with grilling in my mind. My dad is a grill master and he thankfully passed those genes down to me. I've been looking for a new grill myself, so I've been doing my research over the past few months to find the best grill on the market. Checkout my blog post on the Best Propane Gas Grills to Buy in 2020. If you scroll to the bottom of the article I also gave a link to my favorite smoker for all those bbq lovers out there.

IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light (As Seen On Shark Tank)

I remember watching these guys on Shark Tank a few years ago and thinking this would be a funny, yet practical gift for my dad. Kevin O'Leary invested in these guys during that Shark Tank episode, so maybe you should too. This gadget easily attaches to the toilet bowl and is "splash proof". The IllumiBowl is motion-activated and you can adjust the color and brightness. So instead of being blinded by the light at 3AM when you go to take a piss, IllumiBowl kicks in and guides your stream. Kevin O'Leary is quoted on the advertising saying "Will buying an IllumiBowl make you as successful as me? No. But you won't fall into the toilet at night, and that's a start". I hope my dad isn't falling into the toilet, but if he has that problem this will help.


sock subscription box from sock panda

Socks & subscription boxes are super trendy. I've bought socks from different places, but Sock Panda is my go to spot. Sock Panda also donates a pair with every purchase. As of May 2020 they've donated nearly 150,000 pairs of socks! They have socks for the whole family if you think this would be a good gift for anyone else. You can use our code BESTGIFT25 for 25% off your new subscription.

Father's Day is about being with Dad. Spending time, grilling meat, and throwing back some cold ones. My dad is the king of work life integration. Whatever you get him, it's fun if you can use it together. Maybe not that IllumiBowl, but defintley a new grill or smoker. Hopefully you got a few Father's Day gift ideas for dad from this blog post.

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