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Updated: May 14, 2020

DIY life hacks

Life hacks videos have been all the rage for some years now, providing people with useful time savers or money-saving tips. From searching, life hacks YouTube to Googling cool hacks for inspiration - there is no shortage of great hacks out there to increase productivity. They also help us master work life integration. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting lifehacks available to try today, and you will become a life hacker in no time.

DIY Inspiration and Daily Life Hacks

Chilling Wine with Frozen Grapes Hack

Life hacks for food are some of the more popular hacks, so we could not pass up the chance to include one of our favorites. Sometimes we grab a bottle of wine and simply cannot wait for it to chill. Or maybe you have unexpected guests - either way, ice cubes only water down your beverage. Instead, try sticking a bag of stick and seed-free, grapes in the freezer! Once frozen, drop a couple in your wine for perfectly chilled results without the loss of flavor.

Cleaning your Keyboard with a Post-It Note Hack

life hacks for home

Keyboards serve as a way to connect us with the digital world, to write letters to family, and even earn money working from home. What you may not realize is that your keyboard also serves as a home to dirt, crumbs, and grime from daily life. This great hack entails taking a Post-It and running it over your keyboard, allowing the sticky part to collect unwanted filth from your keys. A great life hack for home!

Clean Paintbrushes while Painting with a Rubber Band Hack

Did you recently find the motivation to get some painting down at home? Or maybe you are a professional painter wondering how to hack or find time savers on the job - either way, we’ve got you covered. Keeping your brushes clean without them getting oversaturated can be tough. As it turns out, if you put a giant rubber band around your paint can, you can easily run your brush against the band, clearing it of excess paint before it touches the wall. For ideal results, choose a thick and wideband that is large enough not to snap.

Cut Perfectly Shaped Baked Goods with Dental Floss Hack

life hack for home

In terms of life hacks for kids, this great hack entails using dental floss to easily cut through the dough, whether it be cookies, brownies, or cinnamon rolls. This hack is the perfect opportunity to get your kids in the kitchen, learning essential life skills. Whether you make your dough or prefer to use that of a can, dental floss is a surprisingly useful tool that cuts neatly, allowing for perfect portions and shapes!

Achieve the Perfect Cat Eye Liner look with a Spoon Hack

If you have ever attempted it, you are likely aware of how difficult it can be to achieve the perfect cat-eye look. Luckily, there is plenty of makeup hacks waiting to help you improve your makeup skills. With the help of a regular tablespoon, you can line it up against your eye and follow its curve with your eyeliner. The result? A perfectly sharp cat-eye that will be the envy of all who see it.

Easily Pour Dressings and Cooking Oils Hack

life hack for home

Did you know the majority of people who cook regularly are using far too large quantities of dressings, oils, etc.? The reason this occurs is because of the large openings found on the product bottles themselves. A nifty have that is also a money saver is to leave the seal on the bottle, using a fork to puncture a few holes. This way, you control how much dressing you use, dispensing only a small amount each time.

Use a Dryer Sheet on Your AC Unit for a Fresh Scent Hack

Do you live in a dorm, studio, or some other small space? There’s no doubt that living spaces pick up smells from body odor, leftover food, pets - you name it. That is why we had to include a handy house cleaning hack. If you happen to use a window AC unit and you want to freshen up the atmosphere, simply drape a dryer sheet or two to the AC vent and voila! Clean, fresh air will fill the place in no time.

Take a Photo of Business Cards in Case you Lose it Later

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Networking hacks are also out there, believe it or not. Since networking is such an excellent way to expand business success, collecting cards from reputable sources for future reference is smart. Unfortunately, business cards are small, making them easy to misplace and lose altogether. An excellent business hack is to immediately photograph each business card you receive, digitally storing the information forever, without having to worry about missing out on any opportunities.

Ironing a Button-Up Shirt Inside Out Hack

Ironing is somewhat of a lost art - unless, of course, you wear a lot of button-up shirts and business attire. Ironing a button-up can be challenging as you don’t want to melt or otherwise mess up the buttons themselves. By turning the shirt inside out and running an iron over it, you effectively straighten your shirt or blouse, completely avoiding the buttons.

Becoming a True Life Hacker, Saving Time and Resources

With the busy daily schedule, so many of us face in life, learning a bounty of cool hacks and tips for life, in general, can be highly beneficial. Beyond the time savers and money-saving tips, life hacks can help you gain the motivation and inspiration to start and finish those projects that pile up over time. With daily life hacks like these, you can not only learn new methods for everyday tasks, but it will also increase your overall productivity as a whole.

From life hacks videos to life tips like those found above, you would be amazed at the number of ways to increase your productivity and even learn a new life skill. Are you interested in learning more? Simply search life hacks YouTube for video how-tos and handy tips on how to hack through life.

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